In bed with PDF

Default method: Open with object/embed with class fancybox-pdf

<a class="fancybox-pdf" id="link1" href="" rel="pdf-gallery">Open with object/embed with class fancybox-pdf</a>

Alternative method 1: Open in iFrame with class fancybox-iframe

<a class="nofancybox fancybox-iframe" id="link2" href=",0&zoom=100,0,0">Open in iFrame with class fancybox-iframe</a>

Alternative method 2: Open in iFrame with Google Docs Viewer

<a class="nofancybox fancybox-iframe" id="link3" href="">Open in iFrame with Google Docs Viewer</a>


Using this code to enable permalinks:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function() {
if(location.hash) { jQuery(location.hash).trigger('click'); }


  Data Page (PDF)

High Capacity Manual Ball Valve Installation and Maintenance Instructions   Installation and Maintenance Manual (PDF)

High Capacity Manual Ball Valve Installation and Maintenance Instructions  Options and Accessories (PDF)

2 thoughts on “In bed with PDF

  1. Jeromin


    I have a problem with that !
    It worked perfectly 1 week ago, then I had a compatibility problem and now it doesn’t work anymore…
    It keeps open the first image even if an #ID is given through the url !
    (WordPress + NextGen Gallery + Easy-fancybox)
    Do you have any idea ?
    I change the NGG effect with class fancybox, rel gallery and id fancybox-auto and add the script in the footer…

    Thanks for your help 😉

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